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Projects (International & Local)

KMH Industrial Project & Automation Services Pvt Ltd and it's sister Company Muhammad Khurram Hasan Est. in Khobar K.S.A., to meet the market demands regarding automation and control systems. We developed an engineering team comprising highly experienced professionals who have played key roles in the execution of various international projects. The key to our success is our engineering team having hands on experience on variety of control system architectures. And providing machine automation and process automation services in various Oil and Gas, Water, Power, FMCG, Steel, Pharmaceutical, Cement, Textile, Petrochemical, Fertilizer utilizing variety of control system architectures on various brands Siemens, AllenBradely, Invensys, Quad log, HIMA, Trico nix, Icstriplex, Omron, Mitsubishi, Schneider, Telemechaniqe.


  • Saudi Aramco Jeddah Refinery -[K.S.A] 
  • Saudi Aramco Khurasaniya -[K.S.A]
  • Saudi Aramco East & West Pipe Line -[K.S.A]
  • Saudi Aramco TMS-Bulk Plants -[K.S.A]
  • Saudi Aramco Dhahran Riyadh Pipe Line1 -[K.S.A]
  • Saudi Aramco Dhahran Riyadh Pipe Line2 -[K.S.A]
  • Saudi Aramco Haradh -[K.S.A]
  • Saudi Aramco Al-Hassa -[K.S.A]
  • Saudi Aramco Abkaik-[K.S.A]
  • Saudi Aramco Karan Offshore Platform -[K.S.A]
  • Shell Pakistan Ltd. Lube Blending Plant [Keemari, Karachi]
  • Chevron Pakistan Ltd. Lube Blending Plant [West Wharf, Karachi]
  • Mari Gas Ltd [Ghotki, Sindh]. PARCO Ltd

Water & Wastewater

  • Shuqaiq Water Transmission System-[K.S.A]
  • East Province Water Transmission System Phace-2 (EPWTS-P2) -[K.S.A]
  • Reverse Osmosis Plant–[Iran]
  • Princess Nora University RO-Plant -[K.S.A]

Steel & Cement

  • A.S.A METALS ( Chrome Plant ) -[Johannesburg, South-Africa]
  • NPC (NATAL Portland Cement) -[Durban, South-Africa]
  • Lafare Malayan Cement, Kanthan -[Perak, Malaysia]
  • Crescent Steel & Allied Products Ltd -[Nooribad, Distt Dadu]
  • Chawala Aluminum -[Kachha Road, Kahna Nau Lahore]
  • Lucky Cement Ltd -[Nooriabad Sindh]
  • Dewan Cement Ltd -[Dhabegi,thatta]
  • Envicrete Ltd -[Attock N.W.F.P]

Chemical & Petrochemicals

  • Dynea Chemicals Pakistan Ltd -[Hub,Balochistan]
  • Dynea Chemicals Pakistan Ltd -[Gadoon, Swabi]
  • Diamond Rubber Mills -[S.I.T.E Karachi]
  • ICI Paint Ltd -[Ferozpur road  Lahore]


  • Glaxo Smith Kiln [West Wharf, Karachi]
  • Abbot -[Karachi]
  • Sanofi Aventis -[Karachi]
  • Merk Pharma -[Quetta]

Food & Beverages

  • Al-Jabar Softdrinks -[KSA]
  •  Unilever Pakistan Ltd -[Rahimyar khan]
  • Pepsi Pakistan Beverages Ltd. -[ S.I.T.E Hyderabad]
  • KOLSON, K.S.Sulemanji Esmailji & Sons Ltd -[SohrabGoth Karachi]
  • Cadbury Pakistan Ltd -[Hub Baluchistan]


  • Afroz Textile Ltd -[Karachi]
  • Lucky Textile Ltd -[Karachi]
  • Union Fabrics Ltd -[Karachi]


  • KING FAHAD University of Hospital -[Al-Khobar, KSA]

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